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Bracelet from Vikings

Bracelets from vikings


Did the Vikings truly hand out oath rings, as bracelet from vikings tv show? It was previously believed that oath rings were linked to the Icelandic sagas and were used for paying fealty in court (National Museum of Denmark).

The so called ‘oath rings’ located in Nebel, Germany were more than most likely regular arm rings worn as a decorative thing, without connection to fealty. Nevertheless, these bracelets are not from the Viking age in any way, they really date from the Bronze age, c.1700-500 BCE. These bronze arm rings like the one shown listed below are still described as oath rings, and show up in sacrificial deposits, indicating that they were provided as offerings in the Bronze Age.

2 Dragon Bracelets (Arm Rings) are variant on 2 locates discovered in graves in Gotland, Sweden. These finds are the original of Dragon bracelet and tapered band Dragon bracelet. The heads of each of these silver arm rings discovered in the graves reveals a phenomenal instance of animal headed Viking age jewelry. It is the animal heads which permit archaeologists to date the arm rings to around 1000 ad (Wilson, 1980, 61). Believe it or not, animal headed bracelets are not a typical locate from the age of Vikings period. There are extremely couple of examples recuperated to date. Several finds are the flattened cuff kind bracelets like the ones from the Huxley Hoard.


Finds of bracelet pieces inform us that they remained in fact a form of wearable currency instead of an oath ring. Vikings used a bullion economy, and they traded for items and services in silver. It is believed that Vikings would certainly cut off a piece of the silver bracelet for products as well as services. Several examples of hack silver have been discovered in Gotland, dating after 1000, which suggests that there was an economic environment in which there was a lack of constant exchange. It suggests that personal items of value (such as silver dragon arm rings) could be changed into currency whenever the situation asked for it (Graham-Campbell & Williams, 2016, pp. 89; 130).

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